SS Gairsoppa Britannia Coin 2014

SS Gairsoppa Britannia Coin 2014

This newly released coin from the Royal Mint will be released as a quarter ounce .999 silver bullion coin. Each of these Britannia bullion coins has been struck to bullion standard. The beautiful portrait of Britanniastanding as Britain’s guardian by Philip Nathan features on each of the the coins. Each coin has the ship’s name as an edge inscription in a lasting tribute to Gairsoppa and her crew. This release is a limited minted presentation of only 20,000 coins, because only a small quantity of Gairsoppa’s silver will ever be minted. 

The story of the SS Gairsoppa is a tragic one. Of the 85 crew members on board, most were lost with their ship. Some men gained the safety of the only surviving lifeboat. All but seven of them would perish in the cold and difficult weeks to follow. When their rudderless lifeboat finally glimpsed land, the fierce waves would see only one man, Second Mate Richard Ayres, reach the shore alive.

The obverse of this Britannia coin release is the Ian Rank-Broadley image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, while the reverse of the coin features the Phillip Nathan designed image of Britannia.

Britannia Coin Card

SS Gairsoppa Britannia Coin 2014

2014 Silver Britannia Coin

SS Gairsoppa Britannia Coin

The Royal Mint has released this quarter ounce .999 silver bullion coin, featuring the 2014 Britannia design by Phillip Nathan no more than 20,000 of these coins will be minted by the Royal Mint.



All images courtesy of the Royal Mint

Series Specifications 2014

Mint: Royal Mint
Weight: 7.83 grams
Diameter: 22 mm
Edge Inscription: SS Gairsoppa
Composition: .999 silver
Issued Date: 2014


Further Coin Information

More information on this release can be found at the Royal Mint.

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