Australian Silver Coins

Australian Silver Coins

There are many different types of Australian silver coins on the market today for collectors to buy, and one of the main mints for many released silver bullion coins is the Australian Perth Mint. The Perth Minthas released a number of distinctive and well received bullion coins on the market today, like the kookaburra, koala and lunar series of bullion coins. These silver coins have been released in a variety of different sizes and weights, and all with very striking yearly designs. There is also the Royal Australian Mint (RAM) opened in 1965 which produces a number of silver coin products for sale, like the popular silver kangaroo bullion coins, again these are a annual release from the mint. Collecting Australian silver coins can be quite addictive and could easily cost you a lot of money in completing all the coins in the various series released. Australian coin values do hold up very well because of the collectability of these minted bullion coins, this is due to the unique and striking designs used on all released coins annually.

Australian Kookaburra Coin

Of the many different silver bullion coinsreleased yearly the most popular has to be the Australian kookaburra coin, these particular silver coins have been released annually since 1990. As the name implies this bullion coin has the Australian kookaburra bird as the design on the reverse of each coin released. The kookaburra is released in a number of different sizes and weights, from 1oz to the large 1kilo bullion coin. The silver Kookaburra has been issued as a gilded silver coin a few times in very limited issues, there have also been special privy marked bullion coins released which are very collectable and minted in low quantities.

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Silver Kookaburra Bullion Coins

Australian Koala Silver Coin

The Australian koala silver coin has been minted since 2007 and has become a very popular and collectable Australian silver coin, the design of these released coins has the famous and familiar koala bear. As with the other released issues the design of the koala changes annually, again these coins are released in a variety of sizes and weights, from the silver 1/2oz koala to the silver 1kilo koala bullion coin. The koala has had a number of special edition gilded low mintage coins released for various years, and there are also a number of privy marked koala coins too.

Australian Silver KoalaAustralian Koala Silver CoinAustralian Coin Values

Silver Koala Bullion Coins


Australian Silver Lunar Series

Another Perth Mint release is the popular Lunar series, this series was first released by the mint for collectors in 1999. The Lunar series is based on the ancient 12 year Chinese Lunar Calendar, which dates back approximately 2,600 years. The Lunar Calendar is steeped in tradition and in symbolism, and features a different animal for each year a coin is released. The lunar series of coins are released in a variety of sizes from the 1/2oz coin to the very large 1kilo coin, the design on each released coin is of a different lunar animal. The silver lunar is in its second series of coins, the first series was released between 1999 and 2010, and the second series began in 2008 and will run until 2019.

Australian Silver Lunar Perth MintAustralian Silver

Silver Lunar Bullion Coins


Australian Silver Kangaroo

The Australian silver kangaroo series was first introduced in 1993 by the Royal Australian Mint (RAM), this popular series features one of Australia's most popular animals the kangaroo. Due to the low mintage releases the silver kangaroo has become a very popular coin for collectors. The silver kangaroo has been released in a number of finishes from bullion to proof and also a gilded bullion finish. Mintage figures are very low for all released finishes. There have also been a number of special release issues over the last few years, these released coins have been a F12 and the F15 and have a very low mintage making them very desirable for collectors to acquire.

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Silver Kangaroo Bullion Coins


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