Silver Britannia

Silver Britannia

The first Silver Britannia bullion coin was minted in the UK in 1997, this coin was minted by the Royal Mint for its tenth anniversary of the Gold Britannia coin. This first silver coin was released only as a silver proof coin. Each Britannia bullion coin is struck to a finess of .958 instead of the usual .999 as most silver bullion is struck to, this purity of silver is called Britannia silver (which is an alloy of silver containing 95.84% silver, with the balance usually of copper). The figure of Britannia was first featured on the first gold coins released in 1987, and ten years later she was to appear on the first of the silver Britannia bullion coins released. Most years the figure of the Britannia design on the coins changes with the annual release of these coins, the standing figure of has been used more than once over the last 17 years.

2013 Silver Britannia Coins (Update)

In a change with tradition and for the first time the Silver Britannia release for 2013 will be minted in .999 silver rather than the usual .958 silver, this brings these silver bullion coins in line with most other bullion releases, is this a good idea I personally think not as this change will make the Britannia just like all other bullion coins released on the market. With the change in the purity of silver in each coin, there have been many reports of these silver coins sold being easily damaged, particularly upon the high point of the coins. This is due to .999 silver being softer than .958 silver and the Royal Mint packaging in which the coins are sold..

Gold Britannia Coins

The Gold Britannia coin contains one full troy ounce of gold and has a face value of £100. Gold Britannia coins are also issued in fractional sizes of ½oz, ¼oz, and 1/10oz of a troy ounce in sets, with face values of £50, £25 and £10 respectively. All gold Britannia coins released from 1987 to 2012 are 22 caret gold bullion coins, the 2013 gold Britannia was released as a 24 caret gold bullion coin.

Britannia SilverSilver Britannia Mintage Figures

2011 Britannia2010 Britannia2009 Britannia

2008 Britannia2007 Britannia2006 Britannia

2005 Britannia2004 Britannia2003 Britannia

2002 Britannia2001 Britannia2000 Britannia

1999 Britannia1998 Britannia1997 Britannia

Silver Coin Images 1997-2014

2014 .....Standing
2013 .....Standing
2012 .....Standing
2011 .....Billowing Union Flag
2010 .....Corinthian Helmet
2009 .....Chariot
2008 .....on the Beach
2007 .....Seated Britannia & Lion
2006 .....Standing
2005 .....Seated
2004 .....Standing
2003 .....Britannia's Helmet
2002 .....Standing
2001 .....Una and the Lion
2000 .....Standing
1999 .....Chariot
1998 .....Standing
1997 .....Standing (only released as a silver proof coin)


Silver Proof Coin Sets

The Britannia is also offered in a proof version of the released silver bullion coins, these Britannia's comes in a set of four silver bullion proof coins which includes a 1oz, ½oz, ¼oz and a 1/10oz coins, all sets are presented in a case with a certificate of authenticity.

Silver Britannia Proof Set

Coin Specifications 1997-2012

Mint: Royal Mint
Weight: 32.45 grams
Diameter: 40 mm
Edge: Reeded
Composition: .958 silver
Issued Date: 1997-2012


Coin Specifications 2013-Present

Mint: Royal Mint
Weight: 31.1035 grams
Diameter: 40 mm
Edge: Reeded
Composition: .999 silver
Issued Date: 2013-Present


Further Coin Information

Information on the Britannia coin can be found at the Royal Mint.

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