Silver Kangaroo

Silver Kangaroo Coins

The Australian silver kangaroo was introduced to the public and collectors in 1993 by the Royal Australian Mint (RAM), featuring the iconic symbol of Australia the kangaroo. Since 1993 these Australian silver coins have become very popular for collectors to aquire, there have been a number of different variants of silver kangaroo coins released for collectors to acquire, from the basic uncirculated bullion kangaroo to a silver proof variety and also the limited released silver gilded kangaroo bullion coins.

Silver Kangaroo Coins


Australian Silver Coins

2000-2013 Kangaroos

The released 2000-2013 Silver Kangaroo coins.


silver kangaroo 1993-1999

1993-1999 Kangaroos

The released 1993-1999 Silver Kangaroo coins.


gilded silver kangaroo

Gilded Kangaroos

The released 1993-2010 Silver Gilded Kangaroo coins.

silver proof kangaroo

Proof Kangaroos

The released 1993-2013 Proof Silver Kangaroo coins.

F12 Kangaroo

Kangaroo At Sunset F12 & F15

Silver Proof Kangaroo's F12 and F15 low mintage coins.



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