Australian Koala

Australian Koala Silver Coin

The first one ounce Australian koala silver coin was issued in 2007 by the Perth Mint, one ounce silver koala coins have a $1 face value upon them. These released coins are considered legal tender but their intrinsic value will exceed that of their face value. The Australian koala coin has a silver purity of .999, with each coin weighing 31.135 grams or one troy ounce. The coin generally features a Koala on the reverse of the coin which is changed each year with a new design, and a image of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. These Australain silver coins are some of the most collectable on the market today, with a low mintage, the value of the released coins can make them a worth wild investment.

The silver koala is offered in four different weights, which is uncommon for a silver bullion coin, the bullion coins can be purchased in ½oz, 1oz, 10oz and 1kilo sizes. All four sizes are set to be produced for demand with no preset mintage level, the four coins denominations are $30, $10, $1, and 50cents.

All images courtesy of the Perth Mint

Australian Koala Coin

Australian Koala Coin

½ oz Koala 2008-Present

The released 2008-2012 ½oz Silver Koala coins.


Australian Koala

1 oz Koala 2007-Present

The released 2007-2012 1oz Silver Koala coins.



Australian Silver Coins

1 oz Gilded Koala 2008-Present

The released 2008-2012 Silver Gilded Koala coins.


Australian Koala Coin

10 oz Koala 2008-Present

The released 2008-2012 10oz Silver Koala coins.



Australian Koal Silver Coin

1 Kilo Koala 2008-Present

The released 2008-2012 Silver 1 kilo Koala coins.



5oz High Relief Silver Proof Koala Coin

5oz High Relief Proof Koala

The released 2013 High Relief Silver Proof





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