Australian Kookaburra

Proof & Privy Kookaburra Coins

The first Silver one ounce Kookaburra was issued in 1989 by the Perth Mint, all Silver Kookaburras have a $1 face value to them, these coins are considered legal tender but their intrinsic value will exceed that of their face value. All Kookaburras have a silver purity of .999, and each bullion coin weighs 31.635 grams or one ounce. The coin generaly features a Kookaburra on the reverse of the coin which is changed each year with a new design, and a image of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse.

Proof & Privy Kookaburra Coins

Kookaburra 1996 Privy

1996 Kookaburra (Tricentennial Privy)

The 1996 Silver Kookaburra celebrating the Tricentennial year of the naming of the Swan River & Rottnest Island in 1696,the privy mark depicting a 17th century sailing ship, a total of 5,000 coins minted.


Kookaburra 1997 Privy

1997 Kookaburra (Dragon Privy)

The 1997 Silver Kookaburra perched at its nest feeding its young, the coin has a gold Dragon privy mark, a total of 10,000 coins minted.

2000 Kookaburra (Victoria Cross privy)

The 2000 Silver Kookaburra features the 100th anniversary of the awarding of the first Victoria Cross to an Australian, featuring a coloured privy mark of the Victoria Cross. This coin was released as a 2oz proof and come in a serial-numbered frame.

2005 Kookaburra (Zodiac Aries privy)

The 2005 Silver Kookaburra features a kookaburra perched on a tree branch, the coin also bears a privy mark in the form of a circle enclosing the ram. The coin was released as a silver proof and is one of twelve zodiac designs released, this coin had a limited mintage of 5,000.

2003 Kookaburra (Boar War privy)

The 2003 Silver Kookaburra features Kookaburra on a branch with a Queen's South Africa medal and ribbon colour privy mark. This Kookaburra was released as a 2oz bullion coin with a mintage of 3,500.

1994 Kookaburra (Commonwealth Privy)

The 1994 Silver Kookaburra features two Kookaburra's on a branch this coin was released to commemorate Australias participation in the XV commonwealth games. This Kookaburra with a mintage of 15,000.

1993 Proof Kookaburra (Opera House Privy)

The 1993 Proof Silver Kookaburra features two Kookaburras on a branch, this coin was released to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Sydney Opera House. This coin has a mintage of 15,000.


1990 Proof Kookaburra

The 1990 Proof Silver Kookaburra features Kookaburra on a branch and is the first silver proof kookaburra to be released, this coin has a mintage of 35,000.




Silver Kookaburra Specifications

Mint: Perth Mint
Weight: 31.635 grams
Diameter: 40.6 mm
Edge: Reeded
Composition: .999 Silver
Issued Date: 1990-present


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