Maple Leaf Privy Coins

Beginning in 1998 the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) started a special issue of Maple Leafs, privy marks where added to the reverses of the bullion coins, commemorating special events for each year. These silver maplesleaf coins are released in low mintage numbers which makes them very highly sort after, collectors are willing to pay premium prices for a number of the very rare ones released.


Maple Leaf Privy Coins



Brandenburg Maple

2009 Brandenburg Gate

The 2009 Brandenburg Gate privy commemoratesthe 20thanniversaryof the fall of the Berlin Wall. This Maple Leaf is a Europe only release. The coin is a specimen reverse proof, and has a brilliant relief on a satin background finish. A total of 50,000 where minted.


Privy Set

2004 Privy Mark Set

The 2004 five coin Privy Mark Set consists of 1oz, ½oz, ¼oz,1/10oz,1/20oz bullion coins, the set carries the Royal Canadian Mint mark privy on each coin. The coin is a specimen reverse proof, and has a brilliant relief on a satin background finish. A total of 13,859 sets where minted.


TowerBridge Maple

2009 Tower Bridge

The 2009 Tower Bridge privy featuring a privy of the London Tower Bridge and is the second release in the Europe only Great Landmarks and Monuments of Europe privy marked Silver Maple Leaf series. A total of 75,000 where minted.

D-Day Maple

2004 D-Day

The 2004 D-Day 60th anniversary privy featuring a privy of a solder, this coin commemorates the sacrifice made by Allied veterans. A total of 12,000 where minted.



Titanic Maple

1998 Titanic

The 1998 Titanic privy was the first Maple privy coin and commemorates the most famous ship in the world the HMS Titanic. A total of 26,000 where minted.



Fireworks Maple

2000 Fireworks

The 2000 Fireworks privy featuring a privy showing a fireworks display, this coin is the single dated variety. A total of 403,652 where minted.


Sheep Maple

2003 Ram/Sheep

The 2003 Ram/Sheep privy released to celebrate the Chinese lunar year of the Ram. A total of 25,000 where minted.





Privy Marked Maple Series Specifications 1998-Present

Weight...............31.10 Grams 1oz
Diameter...........38 mm
Purity................9999 Silver
Thickness..........3.15 mm
Face Value........$5


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