Mexican Silver Coins

Mexican Silver Coins

There are many different types of Mexican silver coins on the market today for collectors and investors to buy, the Bank of Mexico (Banco de México) has produced some of the largest silver bullion coins in the world today. Mexico is one of the leading producers of silver in the world, producing about one fifth of the Worlds entire silver mine production. The Bank of Mexico (Banco de México) was established by the Spanish in 1535 making it one of the oldest mints in the world.


Mexican Silver

The 1949 Silver Onza Coin

The Bank of Mexico (Banco de México) began producing the famous Onza bullion coin back in 1949 and for one year only, each of the 1949 coins had a silver content of 92.5% but weighed in at around 33.625 grams and still contained 1 troy oz of silver. As the 1949 Onza's are labled PESO above the balance scale many of them did see circulation.

1949 Onza Coin1949 Onza Coin


The 1978 - 1980 Silver Onza Coins

Then in 1978 Bank of Mexico began to remint the Onza for three years which ending in 1980. The mint produced approxamitly 10 million silver Onza's between the years 1979 and 1980, which you can still buy today at very reasonable prices.

1978 Onza Coin1978 Onza Coin


The Silver Libertad

Since the initial minting back in 1982, the Silver Libertad has shared one design but with a few different versions of the minted coin. They can look very similar and can be a bit confusing to buyers. Here we have the information about the different Libertad designs released.

Libertad Observe Designs

From 1982 till 1999 the obverse design of the Silver Libertad bullion coin featured the Mexican Coat of Arms ( Mexican Golden Eagle perched on a prickly pear cactus devouring a snake). But from 2000 till the present the obverse of the coin shows the current Mexican Coat of Arms surrounded by historic national heraldic designs.

Libertad Observe Designs


Libertad Reverse Designs

From 1982 till 1995 the reserve design on the Silver Libertad features a front facing winged Goddess Victoria who is standing on her right foot upon a tall pillar. But from 1996 till the present the Silver Libertad has featured the new look of the same Victoria. This gives the Goddess Victoria more overall depth of image.

Silver Libertad Reverse Designs

Libertads like other goverment bullion releases are sold slightly over the spot price of silver, and are available in a number of different sizes and weights, from the small 1/20 oz to the large 1kg coin.

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Year minted and condition

The older that a coin is the more likely that it has more value than a newer minted coin, the condition of any coin can make a big difference to a coin collector but if you are buying simply for the silver content within then it does not really matter as to the coins condition.

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